A Brighter Side

No matter what, things could be worse. How many times have I said that to myself? How many more times will it take for me to actually believe it? We all have bad days where our alarm clock does not go off or we sleep through it. We are late for work or appointments because of it. We get stuck in traffic and upset at whatever is causing the delay. Everything goes wrong at work or your day is not going to plan. At night all you want to do is relax. However, your kids need your attention, the phone keeps ringing, endless house chores, and whatever else is calling your name.

Have you ever thought sleeping through your alarm clock prevented you from getting into an accident? Have you ever thought that accident on the highway could have been you or someone you loved? The construction delay could be a sign to slow down, breath, & refocus your thoughts to something positive. Your day not going to plan is actually going to plan and is trying to teach you something or show you something. At night your kids need your attention. Have you thought about what it is like for people who don’t have kids & want kids? They would give anything & I mean anything, to be in your shoes watching their own kids grow up. The phone ringing off the hook could be forever silent. Do you know what it’s like for people who don’t have friends or family? The endless house chores. Have you thought about what it is like for homeless people living on the streets. They would love to have a house and have the problem of endless house chores.

So you see, there is always either a positive side, a better way to look at things, or something to learn from each situation you are in. Yes, I do realize there are some pretty horrible things in this world. I do realize that all too well. I do realize everyone goes through hard times, grief, & loss. All I am saying is there is a reason certain things happen & in most situations when you catch yourself grumbling about this or that, slow down, breath, and think about what your situation is trying to teach you or tell you.