Lake Michigan


When people think of the state of Michigan, what comes to mind first for the majority of people living outside the state? I would say the majority of people think of how cold it is here in the winter time and ask us why we live here. I say why would I not want to live in Michigan? Look at the picture above. It is a picture of our beautiful Lake Michigan in Muskegon. One of Michigan’s Great Lakes. To me, the lakes are breath taking, beautiful, brilliant, calm at times, angry at times, peaceful, & inspirational.

I lived in Muskegon for 11 years and I can tell you only two things that I miss about Muskegon. Those two things keep me going back about every other month. One is my beautiful daughter Kaela who is sadly buried in one of the cemeteries there (another topic, another blog, another day). The second thing that keeps me going back to Muskegon is Lake Michigan. I sit at the beach and it calms me. I love being by the water. I find inspiration there. I can think there without a hundred other thoughts going through my head. The lakes bring me peace. It tells me everything will be okay and everything will work out. It doesn’t tell me how things are going to work out. That would be too easy. I guess I am on my own on that matter.  It tells me to go for my dreams.

Look at the picture there. Look at the blue water. Look at how peaceful that is. Look at the sand. I can feel the sand in between my toes. Look at the lighthouse in the distance. That lighthouse adds to the beauty of the picture. You might even be able to see a seagull or two in the picture. Hey, seagulls have a purpose too!

So even though I can’t be in Muskegon every day, or every week for that matter, this picture brings me inspiration and peace. Find your inspiration and find your peace. Don’t let it go. Remember it. Use it to your advantage. Oh yes, one last thing, Michigan is not as cold in the winter time as non-Michigan residents think it is!