The Changing of the Season’s

Growing up I always wondered why I was born in Michigan. Why here? Why not some place where it is warm all year round? Florida? California? After all, is it not cold in Michigan half the time? That is what I thought when I was younger. I know better now. The only two seasons I used to enjoy were spring and summer. It is warmer out, the birds are chirping, the trees are budding, and then it blooms into summer where it is even warmer. The days are longer and nights are shorter. School was out and we didn’t have to go to bed at dusk.

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As I grew older, I began to enjoy all four seasons here in Michigan. I not only continue to enjoy spring and summer, but I have found an enjoyment with fall and winter. Growing up, the only thing Autumn meant to me was that winter was around the corner, which I used to highly dislike. That attitude took the enjoyment out of fall and all the good things associated with that season. The older I became I found pleasure in watching the leaves change color. I used to think people going on “color tours” were crazy. Why drive all over just to look at the different colored leaves and trees? I have now changed my outlook on that! I love to drive and see the pretty yellow, orange, and red colored leaves. What a spectacular site that is. I wish everyone would be able to see such a pretty site. With fall comes cooler outside walks. I love kicking my feet into the leaves as I walk. Occasionally I see a deer in the woods and with the different colored leaves, that picture is very beautiful. Kids are outside jumping into huge pile of leaves. Watching them swim in the pile of leaves is an enjoyment in itself. If one changes their outlook on things, you can see things in a different light and begin to enjoy things you never thought you would.

Winter Landscape

Winter is still not my favorite, but I have grown to find some enjoyment in this season. I am able to wear my favorite pair of jeans and my favorite sweatshirt. I love sitting by my fireplace with a cup of warm tea watching the snow fly out my window. I love watching the neighbor kids outside build a snowman and having snow ball fights. I enjoy watching my husband clear off the driveway and sidewalks! ha Really, I do help most of the time. I enjoy watching a good snow storm if my loved ones and I don’t have to be on the roads. Even though I am not one to embrace skiing, snow snowmobiling, and other winter sports, I do find enjoyment in the season of winter.

Going through fall and winter always brings me a new found sense of hope in the season of spring. Snow is melting and the temperatures are rising. It is a season of rebirth. The snow turns into rain. Rain makes the flowers start to bloom. Their colors emerge into a beautiful scenery. Rain greens up the grass. Rain gives the birds water for drinking and water for baths.  The trees are getting their buds back on them. People are outside more walking, running, biking and enjoying the outdoors. The days are starting to become longer. We have more daylight in our day. Most of us have more of a “spring in our step.” I love the season of spring not only because summer is around the corner, but because I feel like I have a new chance at life. A new chance to explore the world and everything that lies in it.

Now comes to my favorite season, summer. The days are long and the nights are short. The temperatures are hot. A cool, shady spot is calling my name where I can read and relax. The beach is inviting once again. Feeling the cool water around my body is refreshing. Feeling the sand in between my toes is exhilarating. Everyone is having fun, laughing, and enjoying themselves. It is “vacation season” for most people. People are out and about more. We are traveling, not just working and stuck in our homes from the cooler season’s.  We have been “reborn” and we are now living once again. The trees have their leaves back. The butterflies are out. Bee’s are flying. Okay, so I’m not really a bug person, but every living thing has their place in the world. I can now sit on my deck without getting cold. People are having outdoor parties and bonfires in their back yard. Kids are playing outdoors. It is a season of exploring and enjoying everything around you.

I have learned to enjoy the four seasons of Michigan. I wouldn’t move out of Michigan even if I was the last person here. The changing of the seasons is very pretty and each season has something to look forward to. Each season has meaning and a purpose. I am now glad I did not grow up some place where it is 90 degrees all the time. I believe people should experience each season at some point in their life even if it is just for a short vacation. If you don’t live somewhere where you can experience autumn, winter, spring, and summer, I hope someday you can learn to appreciate all the seasons.

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