Life is about n…

Life is about not having answers, taking chances and risks and making the most of every moment, all without knowing what is going to happen next.
– Ed and Deb Shapiro, spiritual teachers

I keep all of my favorite quotes in a journal. Every time I come across a quote that I love, I write it down. I think I need to start reading them more. So many good quotes to remind me on how to live my life.  Sometimes I need to be reminded to think a different way, to try something new, to stop worrying, to live life to the fullest, and not to judge people.

This quote hits home because I am always afraid to try something new. What if something bad happens? What if I don’t like it? What if I don’t succeed? What happens if it doesn’t turn out the way I expected? What will my family and friends think? I have a reason for everything to not to try something new.

It is time to start taking my own advice on my blog posts. It is hard to stop worrying. It is hard to branch out and try something new. All the doubt and anxiety that goes along with it for me. It is time to try to put that behind me and move on. It is time to begin to let that go and go for what I want in life with out being scared of “what if?”

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