In A Perfect World


In a perfect world…..

  • There would be no war. There would be peace only. We’d all get along.
  • Every dog and cat would have a home.
  • We’d all be happy with our looks.
  • We would not discriminate towards others.
  • There would be no judging of other people.
  • There would be freedom for all.
  • There would be no reason to worry. Everything would always work out just fine.
  • Sickness would not exist.
  • Everyone would be happy. There would be no mental health disabilities.
  • Physical handicaps would not exist.
  • Know one would understand what the word “abuse” meant because it does not exist.
  • Plants and flowers would not die.
  • There would be no pain.
  • We would not label other people.
  • Hate would not exist.
  • Crying would be only for happy moments.
  • We would accept one another as they are.
  • There would be no poverty.
  • No one would go hungry.
  • Everyone would throw their trash away instead of on the ground.
  • There would be more forgiveness.
  • There would be more sharing.
  • Everyone that wanted a job would have one.
  • People would respect mother nature.
  • World disasters would not happen.
  • Everyone would believe in miracles.
  • There would be no shootings in schools, in the workplace, in neighborhoods, etc…

Can you imagine living in a world where all of this were true? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Can you think of other things to add to the list? Isn’t it sad that it does not exist here on Earth? It is sad to say that I don’t think these things will ever happen here on Earth. There will always be sickness. There will always be disasters. Some people will always judge and discriminate. I wish everyone would start doing one good thing for someone a day. It doesn’t have to be anything big. It is the little things that matter most. Hold a door open for someone. Call an old friend. Help a neighbor. Or do one positive thing to make this a better world to live in. Donate your time or money to an organization. Clean up mother nature by picking trash up. Spend more time with family and friends. We are all here for just a short time. I think the majority of people have learned that lesson. Lets make this world a better place to live in.


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