Relationship Tip

Relationship Tip

Walking through a park. Walking through a grocery store. Sitting at a restaurant. I see it everywhere I go and I think it is sweet. An older couple holding hands and still loving each other. I hope that is me someday. In this day and age, one never knows. Everyone has issues and challenges to work through. Know one is problem free. In some relationships it seems like it is one hurdle after another. In other relationships it looks like the perfect “Leave It to Beaver” family. It may look that way, but normally, it today’s world, it is not how it actually is. Relationships can take a lot of beating. It takes a lot of effort to work through the pain, but it can be done. I think some people, and I may even take this a step further and say the majority of people give up too easily on relationships. One hurdle for them and they call it quits. I’d love to have only one hurdle, but life does not work that way. Work through your issues. Communicate. Cry. Release the pain. Communicate some more. Don’t give up on love. Trust again and one day you will be relationship #10!

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