Things Do Come To An End

All Things Do Come To An End

The Pacific Ocean. It looks like it could go on forever, never reaching land. Standing on the Santa Monica pier looking out at the horizon, looks could say the ocean never ends. Whether it is the ocean or Lake Michigan, which is closer to home for me, the blue water is very peaceful and calming. It is a reminder that even though looks tell me that the huge body of water continues on and on, I know that it does come to an end.

There are certain things in life we wish would never come to an end. Perhaps it is the physical life of a lost loved one, a family vacation, the weekend, or days off from work. Those things we wish could go on forever. Then there are other things that hit us like a ton of bricks. It weighs us down. We move slower. Like the ocean, it seems to us that it will continue on and on. We want an end and even though we know in our heart, it will end, it does not seem like it actually will. During these times when we are treading water alone in the ocean and trying to keep our head above water, we must remember not only do all good things come to an end, so do all bad things. There is an end in sight to our problems. We do learn from them. There is a reason for them. We are able to continue on with life. It is amazing what a person can handle and get through. The soul is stronger than one thinks. If we remain strong through the tough times, we will see our ship come across the horizon to rescue us.

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