“Always realize…

“Always realize whatever causes you grief or pain makes up the person you are. You make a choice to have a good life or a bad life.”
– April Pinkard

A story on the news caught my eye back in 2008 so much so that I wrote the lady’s name down who the story was about. She said something that has stuck with me since I listened to her story. Her name, April Pinkard. At the time she was 31 years old and went to the doctor’s and her doctor could not find her heartbeat. Can you imagine being at the doctor’s office and your heartbeat can not be found? I would panic. She had such a positive attitude that I had to write down part of what she said when I was listening to her story. She has a rare condition where her heart moved to the other side of her chest. That would be a scarey situation for anyone. I think I would be afraid to do anything with my life if I had this rare condition, but not her. I wonder how she is doing today.

There are some things in our life that we have no control over. Some things will happen, good and bad, that you won’t be able to stop. We have no control over mother nature. We have no control over other people. We have no control over certain situations. Life is going to happen. Why spend the rest of our lives worrying over what will happen tomorrow? Enjoy the moment you are in. Worrying about the next move of others when you have no control of them is pointless. Worrying over certain situations that might happen or could happen is pointless. When we do this, we cause ourselves more pain than really necessary. Let life play out without worrying and wondering what can happen next. If you find yourself in a painful situation, accept what has happened, change what you can, and let the rest go.

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