It’s Been A While…..

Life got in the way as it sometimes does or maybe it was just me that got in the way. Either way, I am back to my writing. I never, ever gave up my writing or my goal to get published, but I needed a breather. I needed to concentrate on other area’s of my life. I have a new, part time job that I love and it has taken up my energy. However, I am on my way back to a routine of writing. I apologize to everyone to not being around, not writing, and not reading the blogs, but I will be around on a regular basis as of now!


Thank You To My Followers!

I just wanted to give a great big shout out to my followers. I reached 100 followers today! Thank you so much. I amazes me that even a few people want to read what I write, let alone, 100….or half of those! I am trying my best to write something every week, but this week has been very busy for me and next week I have something going every single day so it may be tough to get a blog post out, but I will do my best. All of you are my inspiration. I like to read your blogs as well and I try to keep up with everyone. I enjoy your comments, so keep them coming!